Additional services

Comprehensive Package



Online customs clearance
Customs clearance is an important aspect of any shipment. At Entrust Freight, we offer our customers the option to complete their forms online. Our site simplifies complicated forms and guides you through each step of the way, thus offering you a hassle-free submission process and reducing precious time spent on paperwork.

Insurance coverage
Entrust Freight employs comprehensive freight insurance which protects all our shipments against loss, damage or theft and covers all items during transit at land, sea or air. This is an add-on option that is available to all our clients and is especially recommended for fragile or costly items.

At Entrust Freight, we care that your goods arrive in tip-top condition. As such, we offer freight-appropriate packing material such as boxes, bubble wrap, foam padding and pallets (for bulky items) at a small cost to make sure that your shipment is well-protected during shipping.

Entrust Freight engages in good biosafety practices. We fumigate all freight containers and shipments that contain wood packing material such as pallets and crates to guard against disease, pests and other undesirable organisms.