Air freight

Sky’s the Limit


At Entrust Freight, we take care of every step of the delivery process to ensure your shipment is in good hands.

Key highlights:

Entrust Freight Air-Consol
With our wide-ranging portfolio of services under Entrust Freight Air-Consul, you now have greater flexibility in areas such as service and tariffs, providing options that will suit all your airfreight consignments perfectly.

Entrust Freight Air-Charter
Your unique shipment requires our special attention. We offer three different freight choices that are guaranteed to suit your needs.

Entrust Freight Air-Charter organizes dedicated freighter aircraft flights that are customized to meet your exact requirements.

Entrust Freight Charter’s specialty is in heavy goods. This service matches the right aircraft for your shipment, thus saving you costs while taking excellent care of your cargo.

Entrust Freight Express caters for shipments that are on a tight timeline. We assure you delivery or collection within 24 hours for the fastest transit time.

Entrust Freight Sea-Air combines ocean freight’s cost-effectiveness and airfreight’s speed to give you the perfect solution when you need faster transit times and airfreight is too expensive. We also provide additional services such as custom brokerage, tracking and tracing via EDI for immediate monitoring, thus ensuring that your shipment is right on schedule.